BGA Accessories


BGA Accessories

ASAHITEC offers BGA reballing solutions and consumables that allows for rework of custom specified BGA or CSP components.

Asahitec offers BGA reballing solutions that are customized to suit the requirements of our clients. We deliver high quality BGA accessories that are sturdy and easy to use. We offer superior quality reballing process. SMD components are loaded onto the reballing fixture and the solder balls are poured to fix with SMD interconnecting pads.

The advantages of BGA accessories like Solder Spheres are available in both lead free and leaded material. The spheres are available in varied diameters and alloy types. We can also design the solder spheres as per the physical properties specified by the clients and these include thermal, mechanical and electrical properties. Also check out our reballing jigs and BGA Gel flux.

- Solder Balls/Spheres
- Reballing Stencils
- Reballing Jigs
- BGA Gel Flux


BGA Solder Spheres PDF Technical Data Sheet - BGA Solder Spheres