Workshop on SMT Stencils

Asahitec conducted a workshop on SMT Stencils in Chennai in May, 2014. Speaking to a packed house Sakthivel Padmanapan, General Manager, Asahitec Stencils highlighted on the need for stencil and the different types of SMT stencils available since the time of its inception. The word stencils rings a bell in everyone’s mind. Alphabetical stencils, geometrical stencils, flowers, animals are all commonly used by students. So what are SMT stencils? These are designed to place accessories onto a PCB using solder paste. These stencils are available for one time use as well as reusable types. The stencil is fixed onto a polyester mesh frame.

The speaker briefed about stencil printing process with the help of diagrams. Manufacturing technology including Electroforming, Chemical etching and Laser Cutting were elaborated along with their advantages and disadvantages. The speaker also briefed on why Laser Cut Stencils should be used. This was followed by an explanation on Aperture Dimensional Parameters, empirical relationships between aperture size and thickness. The aspect ratio and area ratio rules were also illustrated by the Speaker. The Stencil Design Guide was explained to the audience along with a detailed analysis on PAD design for SMD Components. The presenter also highlighted on various polishing processes including; Electro Polishing, F2 Polishing and Pumice Polishing.

The 62 page presentation covered various stencil manufacturing processes and design modification in the recent past. There was a discussion with participants on the growth and future of stencils in the manufacturing industry. The speaker answered the queries of the participants and a few were left for discussion at a later stage on forums. Asahitec is pioneer in photoengraving and imaging technologies. Asahitec caters to various industries including semiconductor, electronics, automotive, ceramic and electrical industries. The SMTA India Chapter Meeting and seminar was sponsored by Asahitec, Alpha-Alent, Global Electronics USA, Henkel and Fineline Circuits, Mumbai.

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