KIWOCLEAN EL Board Cleaners


High quality removal of flux residue

All types of flux residue – with lead, lead-free, no-clean and water-soluble – are efficiently removed; also on boards and packages with short distance to the circuit boards. KIWOCLEAN EL board cleaners are characterised by their low odour and the highest degree of workplace and product safety. High flux loading capacity and good filterability lead to lower total process costs. KIWOCLEAN EL board cleaners have excellent rinsing properties with de-ionised water, which ensure that no cleaner residue is left on the boards.

- Universal flux removal
- Mild odour
- Easy rinse
- No cleaner residue
- Low total process costs
- Minimal surface tension for best creep behaviour
High quality removal of flux residue with KIWOCLEAN EL Board Cleaners:
Board with flux residue left and board cleaned with KIWOCLEAN EL board cleaner (enlarged 800X)
Product Name Area of Application Application Temperature Concentration
KIWOCLEAN EL 6000 BC Ultrasonic cleaning, semi-aqueous, also suitable for compressed-air supported cleaning systems 50-65oC  
KIWOCLEAN EL 6220 BC Inline spray cleaning 50-65oC KIWOCLEAN EL 6200 BC
KIWOCLEAN EL 6420 BC Batch Cleaning 55-65oC KIWOCLEAN EL 6400 BC
KIWOCLEAN EL 6620 BC Batch Cleaning, Material-friendly 55-65oC KIWOCLEAN EL 6600 BC
KIWOCLEAN EL 6800 BC Ultrasonic cleaning, aqueous, also suitable for compressed-air supported cleaning systems 50-65oc 20-30%