Frameless System


Frameless stencil

With the move to lean manufacturing, EMS companies have been looking for ways to reduce both cost and space. Frameless systems can do both. Costs are reduced as we only deliver a stencil foil to you so there is a saving on the Aluminum frame and mesh used in traditional framed stencils. At the same time storage space is also saved as these foils can be hanged without the need of large racking systems. At the same time your environmental impact decreases as no harmful epoxies are used while the welding of frames is avoided. ASAHITEC recommends using LPKF ZeFlex Frameless System.

LPKF Laser and Electronics

- Compatible with all printers
- Comes with built in measuring gauge for recording tension
- ZeFlex is royalty free unlike competing systems and has a short payback time


ZelFlex Z4P & Protect PDF ZelFlex Z4P & Protect