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Reballing & Repair Stencils


Reballing & Repair Stencils

ASAHITEC has introduced Reballing & Repair stencil kits for its customers. We can customize a solution for you based on your needs.

We offer highly reliable and cost effective BGA reballing and repair stencil based on the specifications provided by our customers. We have the skill set to handle BGA packages of any size and specifications.Our success remains in using highly reliable, industry approved process without overlooking compliance issues.

What makes us special is the capability of dealing with small and large production volumes. Apart from this we can review processing requirements. Our experts can guide you through the process and assist in developing critical applications. We can help develop Reballing& repair stencils that can save money and time and at the same time meet your expectations.

- Customized solutions available
- Can be combined with F2 Polishing
- Low cost of rework and repair
- Planarity is assured